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Product name: Pulse
Size:Aperture: 8.8cm Body diameter (maximum bulge): 9.5cm Bottom diameter: 5.8cm Height: 9.0cm
*As this is a handmade product, the size and weight may differ slightly from what is shown, and the wood grain may vary from individual item to item.
*Actual color may differ slightly depending on your internet environment. Thank you for your understanding.
Weight: 77g
Material: Natural wood, Yaku cedar
*Environmentally friendly paint EG Value Urethane, which has passed the oil film performance test, is used as a paint finishing agent.

[About handling]
・Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight and soaking it in water.
・After use, please wash it with water and wipe it with a soft cloth.
・Please do not use scrubbers, polishing powder, etc.
・Please do not use tableware drying equipment.

[About shipping]
From the date of order3 We will ship it within days.

pulse Sale price¥36,300 JPY