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ID - 003

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Product Name : ID 003
             - PRIDE Line Limited Edition - 
Size: Diameter Approx. 9 - 10.5cm , Height Approx. 9 - 9.5cm
Weight: About 310 - 320g
Material: Clear glass

- Clear glass is not heat-resistant glass. Please be careful not to pour boiling water into it as it will break.
・Please avoid using the product in conditions that involve sudden temperature changes or impact.
Please be careful as strong impacts may result in damage.
Clear glass is soft. Do not allow pieces of glass to interfere with each other.
・Soak in warm water with dish detergent and wash carefully with a sponge or cloth. It will come off easily if you wash your hands carefully with a soft brush or brush.
- All glass blowing is done by hand by craftsmen, so the weight and thickness of each piece will vary.
- Occasionally, bubbles or other impurities may be found in the glass, but this does not affect the quality of the product.
・Do not use in a dishwasher or microwave. The color of the actual product may differ slightly depending on the device used. Please note.

ID - 003
ID - 003 Sale price¥22,000 JPY